Food and Beverage

Hotel Forum offers elegant lobby bar and a cosy restaurant. Places where you can find calmness and comfort close to you. A great variety of beverages and meals magnifies the elegance of the food and beverage facilities. The polite and professional staff always aims to help and please every need that you might have in order to have a great time at the Forum hotel.

Spare some time for good mood and a special experience at hotel Forum, raise a toast with your friends and family, for yourselves and for the unforgettable memories of life.

If you decide to enjoy true traditional for our country culinary temptations the Bulgarian cuisine is perfect for you, coming from the Mediterranean and Greek culture. It is enriched in the way of history with the influence of Turkish and Asian cuisine. Today it offers amazing variety of mind blowing taste and experience.

Hotel Forum combines luxury Horeca facilities and elegant international cuisine with traditional Bulgarian cuisine. It come together with a great wine selection and sorts for only exquisite taste. Dive in a unique atmosphere and architectural paradise, dive in the dialogue between the West and the East. During the winter season hotel Forum welcomes you for your special event: wedding, birthday or Christmas party.

Ресторант Форум

Restaurant Forum

Пул Бар

Pool Bar

Лоби Бар

Lobby Bar


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