Exotic Asian rituals

Shiatcu – (Shi – finger, Atcu – pressure).  A Japanese form of acupressure. It combines a massage on the active points and a massage with palms on the muscles. It’s used techniques and they are practiced by pressure on special points over the power body-medians. That opens and stimulates the body-fluxes, so it reduces the discomfort and make the mood better.

60 minutes/  109 lv.

Тhai Massageе – an ancient therapy, that is a complex by passive cricks and pressure on the power body-zones. It increase the flexibility, reduces the muscle-strain and makes the organism fresh. It’s a dry massage, that made on a special spring-bed.

60 minutes /  115 lv.

                                                                                                                                                          90 minutes /  149 lv.

Yumeiho – a combination of ancient Chinese techniques from Shaolin, manual therapy, shiatcu  and special active or passive physical exercises with healing-technique from Aikido. It increases the vitality, sets the skeleton upright, the muscles go slack. It improves the circulation and eliminates lots of problems, that are a result from a dislocation of pelvic-bone, that is the centre of human body..

           60 minutes /115 lv.

Hot Stone Massage – a therapy-symbiosis from India and the culture of Maya people. The lava-stones are heated and give their own natural energy. It removes the tiredness and the shock and relaxes the nervous system.

1 therapeutist    50 minutes /   89 lv

 2 therapeutists  50 minutes / 139 lv.

Lomi-Lomi Massage – a traditional massage from Bali island, that is done by one or two therapeutists using their thumbs, the forearm and elbows. It makes the muscles fresh, improves the circulation and stimulates the lymph system.                                                                                     

1 therapeutist    50 minutes /   89 lv

 2 therapeutists  50 minutes / 139 lv.

Imperial Ritual – It’s done by one or two therapeutists (working in synchrony) changing 6 kinds of massage: Shiatcu, Swedish, Thai, Indonesian, Hawaiian and Yumeiho

60 minutes /  179 lv.

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