Luxury  SPA – rituals

Ritual Coffee aroma – it begins by a special coffee-pealing, followed by a foamy washing and coffee and milk massage, that removes the cellulite. The ritual finishes by a cup of  aromatic Brazil coffee.

            90 minutes / 149  lv.

Wines Therapy Кianti – it’s done by special products with anti-occidental action, produced from Kianti Wine and sweet grape-seeds “Nature’s”. The procedure begins by a soft body-exfoliation and a special vinous pealing. It’s followed by a warm vinous face pack. It ends by a relaxing massage and tighting vinous cream.

90 minutes / 179  lv.

Rise therapy – the using of rise in cosmetics is known in the Ancient Asia. The therapy begins by a body-clearance with rise-milk. It continues by a face pack with rise-flour. It has got a hydrogenating, feeding and shaping action. It ends by a body-massage with natural rise-oil for soft and silk skin. It’s suitable for sensitive skin.

                                                                                                                                                         120 minutes199 lv.

White Energy therapy – The magic power and the healing energy of the yoghurt are discovered in the Orient. The therapy makes the skin younger, feeds up and hydrogenates it. It begins by an oats-exfoliation. Afterwards, the problem zones are treated by an ampulla with activating serum and a combined body-mask with essential yoghurt-cream and activating gel. It ends by  a body-massage with a relaxing yoghurt-cream.

   120 minutes /  209 lv.

24К Golden Care GOLDEN THERMAL MAXIMUMThis therapy restores the skin and prepares it for some special cases. It removes the cellulite and shapes the figure. It starts by a diamond-pealing, that removes softly the deal cells and prepares it for the therapy. It continues by a soft massage with a delicate gel. The skin is treated by golden cosmetic leaves and a brief lymph-draining massage. The culmination on the procedure is the last body-massage with oil with real golden little parts, that makes the skin tight, vital, silk and brilliant.

                                                                                                                                                          120 minutes /  238 lv.

Romantic ritual for couples – it begins by a soft body-exfoliation with fruit extract, that removes the dead cells. It continues by a relaxing body-massage with fruit cream and a fruit face pack. It’s followed by a point-massage on feet. At the end you eat fruit salad, romantic bath and a bottle of wine.

2 therapeutists 120 minutes /  360 lv. / for two people /


                                                                                                                                     4 therapeutists 120 minutes /  450 lv. / for two people /


Heaven Ritual – it’s made by 3 therapeutists and the change different kinds of massages. In includes head and body massage. It ends by a ritual washing-out in an aromatic bath. The pleasure is triple for you!!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            90 minutes / 390 lv.

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