Massages and SPA – therapies

Classic Massage 45 minutes /   52 lv.
Partial Massage /back, head/ 25 minutes /   30 lv.
Anti-stratling and relaxing Massage 45 minutes /   62 lv.

Aromatherapy – It’s done in a special atmosphere – in a faint light with some candles around and aromas, by special essential oils, that are suitable for dry skin and headache. The improve the circulation, too

45 mintures /   68 lv.

Aromatherapy Flora – a relaxing massage, in which essential oils and rose-blossom are used. It calms the nervous system and ensures the harmony between the body and the spirit.

45 minutes/   78 lv.

Healing Massage – it’s applied on the problem areas with special menthol oil or other curative medicines

25 minutes /   48 lv.

45 minutes/    79 lv.

Reflexology – it’s made on the reflexive points on the feet, based on a traditional Indian-Chinese treatment. It improve the circulation and ensure a power balance of the organism.

30 minutes /   49 lv.

Lymph draining – it’s done by body-tumefactions in order to remove the heaped toxics, draining and it improve the circulation

Partial       25 minutes /   45 lv.

Full       40 minutes/   75 lv.

Sports Massage –  it’s done before a physic loading to make the organism fresh and increase the muscular activity.

40 minutes/   72 lv.

Anti-cellulite Massage – the most effective way to fight against the cellulite. It restores the normal circulation of blood and lymph and removes the unnecessary heaping in the adipose cells

35 minutes /   59 lv.

Oriental Anticellulite Massage – it’s made in a Turkish bathroom with clay or coffee. It has got a triple effect: the effect of the massage, the effect of the coffee or the clay and the term-effect of the Turkish bath.

35 мин /   79 lv.

Anticellulite therapy Decleor – It begins with a face pack Decleor, that stimulate the body to throw out the fat, makes the metabolism fast and eliminates the water-holding. It continues with a massage on the areas with active anti-cellulite cream, that reduces the cellulite and smoothes the skin.

60 minutes /  179 lv.

Zone-therapy for pregnant women – it begins by reflexology on the feet, it’s continued by a lymph-draining massage and ends with reflexology on the palms.

40 minutes /   83 lv.

SPA Pleasure – a massage, done by two therapeutists, on four hands with essential oils.

45 minutes /  109 lv.

Hercules Massage – a strength-massage of the body, that includes different massage-skills and elements of a manual therapy, made by hands or legs of one or two therapeutists.

1 therapeutist  40 minutes /   99 lv

2 therapeutists 40 minutes / 149 lv.

Hercules Massage in a Turkish bath with foam or clay

1 therapeutist  40 minutes /   129 lv

2 therapeutists 40 minutes / 189 lv.


Tired feet Therapy  – it begin by a cooling compress, continues by a soft lymph-draining massage on feet with calming gel, that reduces the tiredness and tumefaction. It’s suitable for varicose veins.

60 minutes /   74 lv.

Therapy for sunburnt skin – it include a face pack with a natural Bulgarian yoghurt and calming balsam.

30 minutes /   59 lv.

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